February 18, 2015

However without a further definition of reasonable or reasonable adjustments to a building it becomes a matter of interpretation as to whether the DDAs requirements have been satisfied. Some provisions of the DDA have been in force since the end of 1996 and in the following 2 ½ years over 5,000 cases were taken to employment tribunals, a higher number than for sex or racial discrimination.

Actions against service providers have been few but the signs are that both employees and the public will not be slow to use the DDA to their perceived advantage. Businesses are now required to take reasonable steps to adopt policies for people with disabilities and provide aids or services. In the distribution and logistics environment, such steps would include widening doorways, introducing ramps and lifts, ensuring that switches, controls, entry mechanisms and such are at a suitable height, the provision of Braille signs, and improving signage and lighting.

Many play a valuable role for businesses and in society, and up to a quarter of the population our employees and customers are believed to have some form of disability under the definitions offered by the DDA. The current Code does however offer a possible solution a professional access audit. It is believed that an audit, followed by a detailed access improvement plan is likely to identify the changes required to meet all foreseeable and reasonable requirements of the DDA.

In addition, should an issue arise, the fact that a company has taken and implemented external and professional advice may be viewed favourably as reasonable and responsible behaviour on its part. They will have the time to adapt and adjust their practices well in advance of the critical date and may benefit from being seen to take a positive and active stance on a major social issue. Property valuation model is a generally new practice for the bookkeeping group.

B&Q, one of the countrys leading and most high profile retailers, currently has some 309 stores nationally, and took the decision early on to ensure that they will meet the DDAs requirements in time. As one of the first to install automatic sprinklers in retail outlets, B&Q has always been ready to embrace technology for the benefit of its customers.

The company has recently commissioned to carry out a full programme to ensure compliance with the DDA by October 2004, starting with 85 stores in 2001. will carry out a complete project management service on 15 retail warehouses and act as cost-co-ordinator on the remaining 70 supercentres. If you occupy premises under a tenancy or lease, the terms of the lease may prevent you from carrying out work to conform to the requirements of the DDA. However the Government plans to bring into force a section of the DDA, which allows the tenant to make such alternations, subject to a written request to the landlord.

Legal sanctions will inevitably provide the strongest spur for most companies to take action, even if it means waiting until the last minute. By providing them with the means to use your premises in comfort and convenience, you will encourage more people to do business with you and provide a more congenial working environment. And as one survey calculated that the cost to meet the Act could be as little as £2,000 per property that could be a sound business investment. While businesses are working harder than ever to reduce logistics costs, the Governments new Climate Change Levy (CCL) will add further pressure to company overheads. Your House valuations should be carried out by experienced and certified practising valuers.

Although aimed mainly at heavy energy consumers in manufacturing industry, the CCL applies to industrial, commercial, service and public administration premises. Alec Penn of specialist warehousing and distribution property consultants look at how the CCL operates and what steps those managing storage and distribution premises can do to minimise its impact.

The Levy applies to all non-domestic energy use, and by using the tax system to encourage greater energy efficiency the government intends to reduce the production of harmful CO2 emissions, a leading cause of global warming. Forecasters believe that over half of all businesses expect to be affected by the Levy, with an average increase in energy costs of some 12%.

The Government plans to recycle some of this revenue in the form of a 0.5% reduction in National Insurance payments, but this will do little to offset the full effect of the levy. Energy suppliers will pay the levy directly to the Customs and Excise and this increase will inevitably be passed on to businesses through their utility bills. value my property exploring full house to see that it’s seen as expense in the hugeness zone field. Of the £1billion the Levy will raise, the Government plans to use £150million to support energy efficiency measures. The remaining £100million will be used to fund a system of 100% first year enhanced capital allowances for energy savings.

Theses categories will apply in varying degrees to distribution. More efficient lighting systems and improved insulation will be relevant to every building and refrigeration will apply to the food sector, among others. In addition the Government is negotiating agreements with Trade Associations representing high-energy use sectors including food and drink processors, offering a discount on the levy for reduced energy use.

The technology in designing, building and running a warehouse or distribution centre is complex and will be unique to the nature of each business.There may be little choice on the building orientation having regard to the site and on exposed hillsides heat losses from winds will be inevitable. But south west facing buildings benefit from the warmth of the sun and a cube shape will retain heat better than a long, narrow or angular structure. If loading bays are all north facing you may need extra heating in the delivery area in the winter to counter heat losses as well as the problem of ice build up on loading docks and service areas to chill and frozen facilities.

Judicious use of windows can both reduce the need for internal lighting and maximise the benefit of the warmth of the sun. Intelligent building control systems are becoming more widespread and quickly offset the addition cost of installation by controlling the internal building climate, without energy waste from open windows or unnecessary cooling systems.

High levels of insulation will soon repay their investment as energy costs increase and automatic closures for doors and other openings will minimise heat loss. But even where you operate a more conventional operation, energy-efficient lighting and heating systems will help fuel bills down. The CCL makes it even more important to consider the total lifetime cost of any investment in capital plant, including energy costs particularly with temperature controlled facilities.

The Ammonia/Glycol refrigeration system is only marginally more expensive than using ammonia as the coolant but eliminates the potential damage of ammonia leakage within the warehouse and is housed in an external plant room. With space on the site for The heats on warehousing costs another warehouse of the same size, Geest has the potential to double its storage capacity in the future. All the expenses of your home or the property you are planning to have a valuation on should be calculated by house valuation calculator.

As with any element of business, the results will depend on the way in which the companys strategy is implemented. Making sure that equipment is switched off when not in use, ensuring plant is correctly maintained and serviced and keeping external doors closed are all simple steps but they can make a big difference to businesses working with thin margins.

The CCL is not without controversy, and critics and bodies such as the Cold Storage Distribution Federation believe that it will hit the sector far harder than others in food manufacturing. But even if the CCL had not been introduced, planning to minimise energy use will make increasingly sound economic sense as energy costs are set to increase over the coming years.

Acting on behalf of the Commonwealth Games Committee (M2002), Manchester based HFM Consulting Engineers recently completed a contract to design and oversee the installation of M&E services, at M2002s new headquarters in Lever Street, Manchester. The five storey Commonwealth House, previously known as Bishopsgate House, has been refurbished by Bruntwood Estates and acts as the operations centre for the UKs largest ever sporting event.

HFM managed the installation and procurement of incoming electrical services and the design of new comfort cooling and fresh air ventilation systems. The refurbished Commonwealth House provides a fitting location for the Games management team and an ideal administrative focal point for this prestigious event.

Absolute, the Laing Property, Bank of Scotland joint venture and Energis have secured planning consent for a 58,065 sq m (625,000 sq ft) office development on the site of the former Metal Box HQ in Forbury Road, Reading. Energis and Absolute have been working in partnership, with Absolute using their property expertise to deliver a development to suit Energis potential business needs over the next five to ten years.

The development, which will comprise 3 separate buildings, is thought to be one of the largest office schemes in the centre of Reading for the last 20 years. Opposite Forbury Gardens and Apex Plaza, the development is seen as key to establishing the area around Reading Railway Station as the major focus for office development in the town.

Reading Borough Council is keen to secure city status by 2020 and so is promoting the area around the Station and encouraging developers to increase densities and create a townscape worthy of supporting Readings unofficial title as the capital of the Thames Valley. Absolute and Energis worked closely with the local authority in working up the plans for the site and both parties are delighted with the consent for three separate buildings, one of 22,854 sq m (246,000 sq ft) on ten storeys, one of 19,881 sq m (214,000 sq ft) on eight storeys and of 15, 329 sq m (165,000 sq ft) on six storeys.

Absolute director, Chris Bond, said This is Laing Propertys fourth and Absolutes third development in Reading in the last 3 years.By hiring experienced property valuer it becomes easier for the client to get the estimated house value.

He added, We are extremely grateful for the supportive attitude of the local authority not only on this application but also on our schemes at Kings Wharf and Station Road.

Absolute is investigating the feasibility of including mixed mode heating and cooling into the buildings, which could reduce energy consumption by up to 40% and plans to provide a direct pedestrian link to the Railway Station from the site. Absolute has a current development programme of over 1,000,000 sq ft worth over £300m and has more than doubled the size of its portfolio every year since it was formed in November 1999.

Real Estate Valuations Survey Report

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Net assets per share increased by 24%, pre-tax profits were up by 90% and the dividend is proposed to be increased by 25%. Nic Rumsey, a director of Carisbrooke, said, At Buckingway, we are committed to landscaping and our landscape architects, Allen Pyke, are ensuring that the picturesque environment is kept at a high quality.

There is a growing importance attached to the quality of working environments and research has confirmed that, as a result. Tim Crawley, art director at Fairhaven of Anglesey Abbey Ltd, says, The unveiling of the work has given a uniqueness to Buckingway and adds further dimensions to the buildings.

The plant inspired design, has, as its influence, a German photographer of plants, Blossfeldt; showing a simple image on each face, representing the growth of a plant in each of its stages. The form of the sculpture is derived from photographs of the flowering panicle of the tansy plant. Its simple unfolding forms are suggestive of principles of growth and development, and it was designed specifically with this location in mind, he added. Australias largets property valuation company providing well qualified and skilled valuers who will do all complex transactions of property buying or selling process.

Buckingway Business Park is offering 2,787 sq m (30,000 sq ft) of B1 office/R&D buildings and is well served by local facilities. On the A14, close to the site, there is a Travel Lodge and Little Chef, a petrol filling station and an 88-bed hotel has recently been completed on the opposite side of the A14 junction.

The architect for the project is PRC Fewster of Surbiton, Surrey, and the letting agents are FPD Savills and Januarys. Smaralind, Icelands second shopping centre, has just opened (on 10.10.01) on the outskirts of Reykjavik attracting more than 45 thousand people, a quarter of Reykjaviks population on the first day.

BDP was commissioned to design the shopping and leisure development by Smaralind ehf, a company set up by a group of local Icelandic entrepreneurs. The centre has an area of 300,000 sq ft and is designed on two levels to suit the 10m natural slope of the site. The west of the mall is anchored on two levels by a Debenhams store, a conventional shopping centre strategy.