July 21, 2015

The Editorial Board has been working with Peter Williams, who designs each issue, to develop a fresher and more attractive design for The Ombudsman, which will include an increased use of colour. The Managers’ Group has been in existence for about seven years and includes representatives from most of the ombudsman and complaint-handling schemes. Nigel Karney, Deputy Chief Executive and Secretary of the Commission for Local Administration in England, succeeded John MacQuarrie, Deputy Northern Ireland Ombudsman, as chairman of the group at the beginning of 2004.

Months, including how best to provide feedback to bodies against whom complaints are made; on lessons learned and recommendations for change arising from reviews of complaints; internal audit systems; a ‘benchmarking’ study by one office to compare its service and practice with that of other ombudsman offices; risk management strategy; and the Charter Mark standard. A small group of managers is currently planning the one-day seminar which is held in the intervening years between the biennial conferences. click here for details: Valuations SA

This year the seminar is to be held at the office of Lawrence Graham Solicitors on Thursday, 11 November 2004 and has two themes: the first is customer satisfaction and quality, where the speakers will be Trish Longdon, Deputy Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Roy Hewlett, Operations Director, Financial Ombudsman Service, and Martin Cutts from the Plain Language Commission. Their meetings provide an opportunity for members of the groups to raise issues of current concern so as to seek colleagues’ views and advice.

The Legal Interest Group brings together legal advisers and others with similar responsibilities and now has 24 members. The Chairman of the Group is David Wilcock, Deputy Ombudsman and Legal Adviser to the Legal Services Ombudsman for England. Two meetings have been held during the year and a wide range of issues has been discussed including data protection and freedom of information; approaches to compensation for non-monetary loss; and the Proceeds of the Crime Act and Money Laundering Regulations.

We have independent providers who are looking for fee rises and who may well see local authorities under the threat of fines as easy targets for obtaining such rises. If the scheme is introduced in April 2003 there will be little time for last kronor costing and there will not have been any significant rebalance of the current continuum of care. The Department of Health offers the prospect of a standard tariff system that will introduce tighter pricing mechanisms into episodes of acute health care and give PCTs more levers for change.

However, this system is largely planned for introduction in 2004 and the Department of Health is committed to ensuring that there is no destabilisation of hospital trusts. This makes it all the more perverse to contemplate introducing a scheme that threatens the stability of social services. by placing all the risk of financial penalties on one agency that can pull only a few of the levers necessary to effect change. There are huge risks that the scheme will encourage partners to think that hospital admission is the route to care.

There is little to incentivise admission avoidance measures in the NHS, despite the evidence that up to 20% of admissions are considered to be avoidable if alternative services were available.It is known that problems with other interfaces within the hospital increase the length of stay and decrease the capability of a vulnerable older person. The focus on the discharge interface brings with it significant risk that effort and investment will be concentrated here rather than on the development. click here for details : Sydney Property Valuers

Range of whole system solutions that will offer more sustainable and better quality services in the longer term. An opportunity is being missed to establish a jointly owned performance framework around every critical aspect of provision across the health, housing, and social care agencies. The framework needs to be embedded in the National Service Framework for Older People and within the existing performance measures used within both the NHS and social services.

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Bothwell House as a speculative new office development is a further statement of confidence in Hamilton as an attractive business location. I am confident that the building will attract strong occupier interest and look forward to re-visiting the completed development and welcoming new business and jobs to Hamilton. The valuation Perth company provide upright property valuers perth or legal solicitors to get property valuation report and exact the value of real estate property.

Developers believe they are onto a winner with a speculative new office development on the fringe of Hamilton Racecourse in Lanarkshire. Ronnie McLetchie, spokesman for Glasgow based Silverbank (a joint venture between City Link Developments and Horizon Capital Limited), comments: As well as being ideally situated from an access point of view, the building will have spectacular views across the Racecourse to Strathclyde Country Park and beyond. Longford Business Centres, the provider of quality office solutions, has appointed Chris Sokolowski to the newly created role of Facilities Director with immediate effect.

It will be my task to ensure that our customers are getting the technology, space and support that they want in an environment which reflects well on their organisation. By creatively offering options to the incoming tenant we have maximised value not only for our client but also for the incoming tenant. The scheme will incorporate a large-scale sculpture by leading contemporary British sculptor Charles Hadcock, together with a major piece of glass art rising the full height of the building.

Completion is on programme for April 2002 and the building has been wholly pre-let to Deloitte Consulting. Jones Lang LaSalle acted as Development Managers, Planning Consultant, Investment Advisors and joint Letting Agents with Allsop & Co. I am delighted that we could attract Simon and David to our organisation, because they make the individual concerned take responsibility and learn to live a law abiding life in the community.