Getting Property Valuations Via Different Valuation Methods

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However without a further definition of reasonable or reasonable adjustments to a building it becomes a matter of interpretation as to whether the DDAs requirements have been satisfied. Some provisions of the DDA have been in force since the end of 1996 and in the following 2 ½ years over 5,000 cases were taken to employment tribunals, a higher number than for sex or racial discrimination.

Actions against service providers have been few but the signs are that both employees and the public will not be slow to use the DDA to their perceived advantage. Businesses are now required to take reasonable steps to adopt policies for people with disabilities and provide aids or services. In the distribution and logistics environment, such steps would include widening doorways, introducing ramps and lifts, ensuring that switches, controls, entry mechanisms and such are at a suitable height, the provision of Braille signs, and improving signage and lighting.

Many play a valuable role for businesses and in society, and up to a quarter of the population our employees and customers are believed to have some form of disability under the definitions offered by the DDA. The current Code does however offer a possible solution a professional access audit. It is believed that an audit, followed by a detailed access improvement plan is likely to identify the changes required to meet all foreseeable and reasonable requirements of the DDA.

In addition, should an issue arise, the fact that a company has taken and implemented external and professional advice may be viewed favourably as reasonable and responsible behaviour on its part. They will have the time to adapt and adjust their practices well in advance of the critical date and may benefit from being seen to take a positive and active stance on a major social issue. Property valuation model is a generally new practice for the bookkeeping group.

B&Q, one of the countrys leading and most high profile retailers, currently has some 309 stores nationally, and took the decision early on to ensure that they will meet the DDAs requirements in time. As one of the first to install automatic sprinklers in retail outlets, B&Q has always been ready to embrace technology for the benefit of its customers.

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