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The company has recently commissioned to carry out a full programme to ensure compliance with the DDA by October 2004, starting with 85 stores in 2001. will carry out a complete project management service on 15 retail warehouses and act as cost-co-ordinator on the remaining 70 supercentres. If you occupy premises under a tenancy or lease, the terms of the lease may prevent you from carrying out work to conform to the requirements of the DDA. However the Government plans to bring into force a section of the DDA, which allows the tenant to make such alternations, subject to a written request to the landlord.

Legal sanctions will inevitably provide the strongest spur for most companies to take action, even if it means waiting until the last minute. By providing them with the means to use your premises in comfort and convenience, you will encourage more people to do business with you and provide a more congenial working environment. And as one survey calculated that the cost to meet the Act could be as little as £2,000 per property that could be a sound business investment. While businesses are working harder than ever to reduce logistics costs, the Governments new Climate Change Levy (CCL) will add further pressure to company overheads. Your House valuations should be carried out by experienced and certified practising valuers.

Although aimed mainly at heavy energy consumers in manufacturing industry, the CCL applies to industrial, commercial, service and public administration premises. Alec Penn of specialist warehousing and distribution property consultants look at how the CCL operates and what steps those managing storage and distribution premises can do to minimise its impact.

The Levy applies to all non-domestic energy use, and by using the tax system to encourage greater energy efficiency the government intends to reduce the production of harmful CO2 emissions, a leading cause of global warming. Forecasters believe that over half of all businesses expect to be affected by the Levy, with an average increase in energy costs of some 12%.

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