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The Editorial Board has been working with Peter Williams, who designs each issue, to develop a fresher and more attractive design for The Ombudsman, which will include an increased use of colour. The Managers’ Group has been in existence for about seven years and includes representatives from most of the ombudsman and complaint-handling schemes. Nigel Karney, Deputy Chief Executive and Secretary of the Commission for Local Administration in England, succeeded John MacQuarrie, Deputy Northern Ireland Ombudsman, as chairman of the group at the beginning of 2004.

Months, including how best to provide feedback to bodies against whom complaints are made; on lessons learned and recommendations for change arising from reviews of complaints; internal audit systems; a ‘benchmarking’ study by one office to compare its service and practice with that of other ombudsman offices; risk management strategy; and the Charter Mark standard. A small group of managers is currently planning the one-day seminar which is held in the intervening years between the biennial conferences. click here for details: Valuations SA

This year the seminar is to be held at the office of Lawrence Graham Solicitors on Thursday, 11 November 2004 and has two themes: the first is customer satisfaction and quality, where the speakers will be Trish Longdon, Deputy Parliamentary and Health Service Ombudsman, Roy Hewlett, Operations Director, Financial Ombudsman Service, and Martin Cutts from the Plain Language Commission. Their meetings provide an opportunity for members of the groups to raise issues of current concern so as to seek colleagues’ views and advice.

The Legal Interest Group brings together legal advisers and others with similar responsibilities and now has 24 members. The Chairman of the Group is David Wilcock, Deputy Ombudsman and Legal Adviser to the Legal Services Ombudsman for England. Two meetings have been held during the year and a wide range of issues has been discussed including data protection and freedom of information; approaches to compensation for non-monetary loss; and the Proceeds of the Crime Act and Money Laundering Regulations.

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