When there is need for making the legal steps successful in the property valuation process?

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There is always the full and proper need for making the legal steps occur in the best ways when there is full support of the property valuer for doing the legal Current Fair Market Value. Following Initial Gate approval and completion of Trades Union consultation, the FDSCi (which has been set up to assess a range of options for managing and operating the Defence Supply Chain) has started the assessment phase.This phase began with the issue of a Request for Proposals for the partnering option to industry bidders in October 2003.

When there is full support of the expert people then there are no worries and problems that people needs to face in the whole complex property valuation process. In parallel an in-house options team will be scoping and undertaking feasibility of the inhouse options.The FDSCi team is currently preparing for the assessment of bids, which will lead to down-selection to preferred bidders.A series of awareness briefings to staff at the main Defence Supply Chain sites is underway and a leaflet giving further information about the initiative has been published.

When such steps are performed then it will make the right result in the real estate field which will make profit in the full legal manner for the need of people who wants to get their house price in the best ways. He has the task of examining the whole DLO organisation to see whether it could be structured in a way that means we work in a more effective and efficient way, and support our customers better.

Some would say this task is pretty enviable its scope is huge, covering the vast majority of the DOLL’s 28,000 people, spread over more than 80 sites but Ian is pragmatic about the work.My remit is to come up with some options on restructuring the DLO by 15 December, which the Top Team can consider and discuss at the Executive Board meeting in early January.My best guess is that there will then follow a period of further work better defining the proposed way ahead and, dependant on which route we take, maybe an internal approvals process to follow too.

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